Child safety

Formamide is a compound included in the Hazardous Substances List due to the risk to humans through inhalation or contact with the skin. This product has been detected in many parts found in children´s floorings, predominantly manufactured in Asia. Of course, Paviplay is free of this compound, as shown in the attached certificate .

Fire Reaction:
Flooring products are subject to the EN13501-1:2002 (Euroclases). Our products are certified as Efl and have the option to become certified as Cfl if required. We have the appropriate certificates.

Bacteriostactic-Fungostatic: According to several studies, carried out in biological centers, all the formulas used in Pavigym and Paviplay products, have a bacteriostatic and fungostatic behaviour. This means that they do not permit growth of bacteria and fungi on their surface. Currently we have iniciated an in-depth test which will enable us to hold a new and more detailed certificate within the coming weeks.

This is defined as the maximum height from which a child could fall to the ground, and cause serious damage. The critical fall height is the parameter that defines whether flooring is appropriate or not for a particular installation or use. In our product range we have a wide range of thicknesses that enable us to obtain HIC values above 1 metre. We have the corresponding certificates available.

Other tests:
The EN71 toy safety norm has been passed by our products. There are three safety tests: physical, surface flammability and migration of hazardous products.

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